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Family Treasures Estate Liquidators


Customer comments on Square for credit card purchases...

8-21-18 Nice folks

8-21-18 Very nice people to work with. Can't wait until the next sale.

8-17-18 Prices were good. There was lot of help. Negotiated prices for volume purchase. Customer Service is excellent.

8-17-18 Very nice collection of stuff.

6-24-18 It was crowed but very orderly.

6-23-18 Love you guys.

1-14-18 Thank you so much for making it pleasant, easy, and fun to browse your estate sale and pick out all sorts of treasures for my daughter. 

1-14-18 ALWAYS find some great buys!!

12-17-17 And once again-a fantastic experience! I just love your sales-I always find some great buys!!

12-16-17 I always find something I didn't know I needed! I'll probably be back this afternoon.

10-30-17 Thank you so much for making it pleasant, easy, and fun to browse your estate sale and pick out all sorts of treasures for my daughter. 

10-23-17 Great experience and was very well conducted.

10-22-17 Hello everybody, I said it all yesterday and today was no different...all good. Thank you for your help with the additional "Fostoria "Americana pieces. Much appreciated! (I'm sure my husband would thank you too, but it hasn't occurred to him to do so yet. Ha.) See you next time. Lynn

10-22-17 Getting Christmas shopping underway!

10-22-17 ALWAYS find some great things!

10-22-17 Well run...easy in, easy out... lots of "helpers"...good suggestions, as in "did you notice this was a set?', no hovering..."save for me" boxes were provided... check out was a snap using credit cards. Nice Job!!

10-20-17 These ladies know their business!! Thanks!!

8-7-17 Good, hard-working people who run this sale.

8-4-17 Everyone was friendly and helpful. Hope to see you at your next sale!

7-23-17 Love the 1/2 off days but try to go the first day to see if I find a special treasure that I must have!

7-23-17 As always, great assortment of things I didn't know I needed!!!! Even an item from my childhood that I will treasure.

7-21-17 We appreciated someone was there to help load the mattress and box spring set we purchased. It solved a problem for us. Thanks.

7-21-17 Everyone is so nice.

5-4-17 Stacy, you're very professional, courteous, thoughtful, helpful, etc. I look forward to your sales! Thank you!

3-19-17 Excellent!

3-19-17 Value for price! Excellent!

3-11-17 Headed back again tomorrow!

3-10-17 Very nice people.

2-9-17 Really enjoyed the friendly people and easy transaction.

2-4-17 Prices were great at this sale with 24% off had a great time. Sales staff was very helpful.

2-3-17 All the people there are wonderful. Thank you.

2-3-17 No wait time. Raining Left my car headlights on by error. Was helped by the kind man a the front of the home with jump/cables. Very appreciative. Very eclectic estate sale.

2-2-17 Staff is always friendly and courteous. They are also knowledgeable of items being sold.

8-3-16 Very nice people working the sale. Prices very reasonable.

Will forward to future sales with Family Treasures.

8-1-16 Good job, thanks. I love my purchase!

7-31-16 Very fair pricing on un priced items. Probably got $120 worth of great quality items for $31.

7-30-16 People were fantastic. Got a $43 toaster good as new, for $10!!!

7-29-16 Customer Service, Quality, Wait Time - Always great.

7-19-16 Always great fun to deal with you people.

6-26-16 I am glad I saw your Estate Sale before I returned to Fremont. Thanks for everything.

6-10-16 Staff is always outstanding!!!

6-10-16 Staff is really pleasant! They are consistent at every event.

5-7-16 These guys are pro's. thanks

5-6-16 Always fun.

4-22-16 Such nice people. This was my second time at one of their sales. Had fun! Great line people too:)

3-20-16 Love the ladi3es and Joe. They recognize returning customers, prices are decent. Overall great people.

3-19-16 Wonderful. Am on a budget, buying for my non-profit charity in Brazil; she worked with me on good deal! Robert N.

3-18-16 Everyone is so lovely, shopping is always such a wonderful experience and I look forward to many more estate sale;)

3-11-16 Very good experience especially Mina gave us some tips about what would work for us. His help was great and he is the friendliest person you can find.

3-11-16 Friendly and nice staff.

2-12-16 Very professional and well organized!

1-23-16 Stacy was very helpful. Please add me to your email notice list. Ralph F.

1-5-16Always a friendly face awaits those who visit!

11-8-15 Everyone is friendly, helpful and enjoyable to talk with. Pricing is a bit higher than I am used to, but I came from the east coast where prices are a bit lower. But no problems, I'll pay what is asking for on price, if not I don't buy. So far haven't put anything back I picked up. Love ya'll

Notes received from Clients and Customers...

I accidentally found an estate sale hosted by Family Treasures Estate Liquidators by following the neon colored signs on the street...lucky for me they led to an estate FILLED

with kitchen, collectables, and antiques-some of my favorite thins! After a couple hours, kid you not, of wandering, sorting, eyeing, and finally choosing my treasures, I had a pile of happiness to bring home. During this time I had really lovely interactions with the folks of Family Treasures. Each member was friendly, helpful, offering to help carry my finds, offering me water and making me laugh. All and all a truly pleasant experience. I am officially on the mailing list and will be back for more treasures and good times.

Deborah M.


In our business we work with a lot of executors and administrators of estates who are tasked with selling their home as well as the possessions of the loved one who has passed. Stacy and her team have been phenomenal to work with. They are very caring, supportive and professional. Taking the time to sort through everything, research and price things appropriately, working diligently on your behalf to ensure that you and the estate benefit from the proceeds. Stacy and her team are some of the hardest working people I have had the pleasure to work with. If you are looking for someone to handle your estate sale, we highly recommend Family Treasures. You will not be disappointed.

Katrice, Debra Schwartz Real Estate Team


Just want to say thank you and your staff for the great experience offered during this most recent estate sale you organized at Cupertino on 7/11.

I saw signs when I was driving at Cupertino on that day, leading me to the estate sale place. The sale was organized in a professional manner, with all items in clean, organized and respectful fashion. I came across a musical instrument my family was trying to buy, but lack of info to make a quick decision. You offered to assist and provided info on the item I was looking for. With the sale ending for the day very soon, I decided taking it on the spot. During the evening, I discussed further with my wife and we realized the item was not exactly we were looking for. I contacted you for possible refund. After understanding my situation, you gracefully acknowledged this refund as a one-time exception, which I am quite grateful.

All I can say is that you run a respectful business and you treat your customers with heart. I wish you all the good luck and a even better business for people who love this trade.




Thank you very much for having taken care of this whole procedure. You and all of your helpers worked hard and did a good job.

Best Wishes,

Orville G.


I lost my husband one and a half years ago. He was quite the collector and had many different high end collectibles piled high in the attic ( 1365 + square feet). Having to sell my home soon, I asked Family Treasures to sell my husband’s collectibles. Stacy and her team came in and sorted, set-up, researched and put on a three day Estate sale. They worked extremely hard, which will never be forgotten. The results of the sale were awesome!

Thanks Stacy and Family Treasures Team!


San Jose, CA


I follow and participate actively with at last five different estate sales organizations. I am pleased to let people know that I believe that Stacy and her team at Family Treasures Estate Liquidators is one of the best organizations to deal with. Stacy has a dedicated crew that organizes sales for families that really helps buyers review those family assets in a very productive and time-saving way! Her staff is professional and courteous. They set up the estate sales in an organized way that is much better than other competing organizations. They allow buyers to review all the material easily and in a much more productive way that saves buyers' time. All of her staff is extremely friendly and helpful at all times from the start of a sale on Friday until the closing hours on a Sunday afternoon. They communicate effectively through the internet and with signs effectively posted that easily brings people into the estate sale. You couldn't ask for a better group of dedicated people to work with.

Jim M.

San Jose, CA


Our family found that we were left an overwhelming task of closing out the family home when our parents passed. We knew that we did not have the luxury of time to have several “garage sales”. Fortunately, I came upon Family Treasures Estates Liquidators by chance as I followed their helpful and well placed signs posted in a neighborhood nearby our family home to an estate sale they were holding. I discovered the most helpful and positive folks.

I discussed liquidation with my family and we decided to meet with the owner Stacy to see if we would be a good match. We were! The first question that Stacy asked us was, “are you ready to do this?” That was an important question, we had suffered a great loss, but we had already made up our mind that we were ready. It was time to do some letting go.

We were impressed with the level of industry that Stacy and her staff put in motion to prepare and advertise for the sale. Their website is very good as well.

There were several treasures that my family and I wanted to keep but could not remove from the home before the sale. The crew of Family Treasures took time and care to move the items to specific areas of the home that were off limits to our soon to arrive buyers. We found it important that FTEL communicated well with us throughout the process.

We recommend Family Treasures to help your family get through the arduous task of letting go after you suffer a loss. Even if you had not suffered the loss of a loved one and just need to close out an estate or downsize, these are the people to call!

Thanks again for a job well done.

Bob T.

Sunnyvale & Aptos, CA


This is Great! The most fun I have had at an estate sale!

Dave C.

San Jose, CA


Love you guys!! See you soon.

Rob M.

San Jose, CA

My husband and I have worked with Family Treasures Estate Liquidators several times and found Stacy and her company to be caring, ethical and friendly. We appreciate the very hard work and dedication to a job that requires a dedication above and beyond the ordinary. FTEL's has all this!


Frances W.

Los Gatos, CA


My husband and I have been faithfully attending the weekends sales from Family Treasures Estate Liquidators. The staff, especially Stacy, have been wonderful to us. They are always very considerate and helpful as well as professional. The homes are always set up in a pleasing way and we find many special items to purchase. We have referred the estate sales to family and they are now attending all the sale that they can. We will continue to be "shoppers" at the upcoming sales and would have no problem referring our friends to also attend.

J & L Bremer

My mother passed away in October 2014, it was a very dark awful time for me and my family. After a week of mourning my family and I decided to look for an estate sale company to help us in the closing process of her estate. We went through three different companies all giving us the run-around and things. They made us feel awful because our mothers things were in "too bad of shape". Then we felt awful about our parents prized objects and property. Things that we loved and cherished. Then Family Treasures come along next and changed everything for us. Specifically Monica came in and made us feel great and told us that indeed our family's property was great and valuable. They helped us sell our beloved treasures in a respectful and profitable manner. Working with them was a wonderful experience, in a very dark time in our lives. They worked with our family and kept it professional and positive. We are so grateful.

Sincerely, Laura G.

My 92 year old Mother recently passed away, you can imagine how full her home was. It was so overwhelming I did not know where to begin. Fortunately I found Stacy Flores of Family Treasures. From the moment I met Stacy and Ev I knew they were the ones. They not only handled everything from set up, to the sale, to total clean up after. We talked every day up to the sale and after, asking for my in put and approval of things. Stacy is a great communicator, kind, and compassionate. She handled my Mom's possessions as if they were her Mom's. Family Treasures did everything they said they would and more. I could not believe how well everything went and so smoothly. I was able to mourn my Mom's passing without having to worry about how to sell everything. I highly recommend Stacy Flores of Family Treasures to any one who needs to liquidate an estate.

Anita C.

Stacy Flores and her business associates did a wonderful job explaining, planning organizing, executing and completing the estate sale of a home in a trust, I am administrating. She, and those who work with her, were amazingly organized, thorough, knowledgeable, flexible and dependable throughout the process. In addition, I personally appreciated her kindness and caring during a difficult time. I highly recommended Family Treasures business to anyone in need of such services.

Martie C.

Notes left on our website...

I would like to know about upcoming estate sales please let me know thanks- cesar

Please sign me up for your email list. Thanks!- Laurel

Just found you for the first time last weekend. Excellent sale and quality service! I can't wait to hear when you'll be hosting again.-Nicole

Just found you for the first time last weekend. Excellent sale and quality service! I can't wait to hear when you'll be hosting again.-Nicole

Hi Stacy....Congratulations on getting this business started. I want you to know....I love your website....go get 'em girl!-Linda

Send me all info on upcoming estate sales...I really enjoy them...-Joe

please add me to your email list.-Mark

Keep me posted! I'm an estate sale JUNKIE!! :-) Thanks!!-Lori 

I would like to be added to your email mailing list to hear of upcoming estate sales. Thank you.-Rebecca

Please add me to your customer list for upcoming sales. Thanks. -Jill

Hi Stacy...I'm so impressed with the photos. They show so much hard work on your part. I won't be able to make it but wish you the best success surely deserve it!!!! :-)


Please add me to you email list for any future events Thanks so much-Jean

Please put me on your list for future Estate Sales. Thanks. -Nancy

If possible I would like to be added to your e-mail list for upcoming estate sales. -Thank you!- Melissa

I just went to one of your sales (off Foxworthy). I would like to be placed on your customer list. Thank you!- Teresa

Please add me to your customer list for upcoming estate sales-Beverly

Happy New Years, hope you guys are well, hope to see a estate sale soon. Im running low on hazmat, need your household chemicals and military items. -Cheyenne and Debra

My Husband & I Love going to Estate Sales. We are both Disabled & gives us something to look forward to every week.-Terry

Always find something that we could use- Lucy

Love your sales- Joanie

Hello, I use to frequent your sales when I was permanently in San Jose. I now live in Los Banos CA, however I come to San Jose weekly and would still like to know when you are having a sale. I often go to SJ area for sales. Thank you. - Wanda 

Some quick words from our credit card customers...

Really liked the people running this.

You are great people to work with... even when things are chaotic because there so many people rummaging about!

Friendly, helpful, always a good experience!

You guys are awesome!!

I want to say "thank you" for placing the file cabinet in my car's trunk. I will see you tomorrow to return the rope used to tie the trunk lid down. Thank you! Thank you! 

I bought a ton of yarn and was glad we could work out a price that made each of us happy.

Patience #1 great guy. Answered all questions promptly and efficiently. If he didn't know the answer to the questions on jewelry, he would say so.



Everyone was very helpful and polite. ^-^

Very friendly and helpful!

Everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always friendly! Thanks for the good deals

Helpfulness and Convenience!

Great customer service!

Priced just right!

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